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Transportation Asset Management - IBM Maximo Industry Solutions

IBM® Maximo® for transportation asset management is a software solution that can assist your enterprise in improving the productivity of your critical transportation assets, at the same time helping you address the stringent regulatory requirements. The software allows you to manage all types of transportation and fleet assets. This includes cars, buses, trucks, rail vehicles, consists, locomotives, boats, ships and aircrafts.

Maximo for transportation asset management incorporates several features that can assist you in extending an asset’s life, optimizing the management of parts, reducing road calls, and increasing the efficiency of planned maintenance. It also has provisions for “consist management” for railway assets, which offer advanced asset management capabilities for keeping track of and for maintaining the status of the assets, facilitating meter import, meter change-out and history, component and position codes, changes in serial number, and recovery of warranty.

Maximo for transportation asset management also offers enhanced work management capabilities for various industry codes, campaigns, maintenance alerts, labor qualifications, recording all inspections, and cleaning. It also incorporates within its features a mechanic's clipboard and also facilitates recording outside orders for repairs. The feature for extended inventory management includes fuel tank management and cycle counting. The software also offers several other features to help increase operational efficiency, including life-cycle costing, driver logs, motor pool management, fuel and fluid management, asset templates, etc.

Another feature of the IBM Maximo for transportation asset management is the tire and wheel management which can be used for all over-the-road vehicles and for the rail industry, for warranty management, providing support for repair facilities, asset management, motor pool management, telematics, and even preventive maintenance.

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