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We are delighted to provide a variety of innovative solutions that enhance the capability of Maximo, extend the platform, and further automate our customer’s business processes.

The eRegistration, eTendering, and eInvoice solutions are ideal for customers that love the flexible and user friendly Maximo platform, and want to extend the capabilities of their procurement implementation.

The eSPIR solution is focused on our customers that are in the process of building or acquiring significant new infrastructure and are struggling to assess the needs to for spare parts and are looking to automate the build out of new asset structures in their asset management systems.

These solutions are the culmination of over 2.5 decades of enterprise software implementation.


e-SPIR provides an online portal for consultants and contractors to provide asset data, asset specifications, spare parts listings, preventive maintenance schedules, and more.  A formal process driven by an electronic workflow is provided to allow an organization to review and approve spare parts interchangeability records (SPIR’s) and visualize the complete spare parts requirement.

All data captured by the online portal is structured such that upon review and approval, it can be transferred automatically to the organizations asset management or enterprise resource planning system.

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The e-Registration system provides an organization with a set of tools automate the process of supplier registration and supplier pre-qualification.

The main features of the e-Registration system are as follows:

  • ⦁ Automated Supplier Onboarding
  • ⦁ Supplier Information Management
  • ⦁ Data Tracking
  • ⦁ Communication Tools
  • ⦁ Process Automation
  • ⦁ Integration with ERP system
  • ⦁ Third Party Integration
  • ⦁ Access Controls
  • ⦁ Audit Capability
  • ⦁ Reports


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The e-Tendering system provides organizations with the ability to acquire a completely digital procurement process. The module is integrated with the Procurement module of Maximo.

The following are the main features of the e-Tendering system:

  • ⦁ Expression of Interest (EOI)
  • ⦁ Creation and publishing of Tender
  • ⦁ Terms and Condition
  • ⦁ Attachments
  • ⦁ Bid Submission
  • ⦁ Bid Closing Date
  • ⦁ Cancellation and Retendering
  • ⦁ Enquiry and Responses (Question & Answers)
  • ⦁ Tender Evaluation
  • ⦁ Encryption/decryption of the quotation data on the database

Encryption/decryption of attached Document

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The e-Invoice system helps organizations process invoices from inception until payments in digital format. The following are main features of e-Invoice System:

  • ⦁ Invoice Registration and Access
  • ⦁ Creation of Invoice
  • ⦁ Tracking and Notifications
  • ⦁ Rejection of Invoice
  • ⦁ Advances and Retentions
  • ⦁ Enquiry and Responses (Question & Answers)
  • ⦁ Value Added Tax
  • ⦁ Report


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