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About IBM Maximo - Top Asset Management Company in Abu Dhabi, UAE

With operations spanning across the Middle East, eSolutions was established in 1996 and since then has managed to make a name for itself as being the region’s leading provider for cost-effective strategic asset and service management solutions.

Counted among the top asset management companies in UAE, we’re the only platinum IBM partners (the highest level of accreditation available) in North Africa and the Middle East, and we offer solutions as well as technologies that facilitate the transformation of your enterprise. Our solutions also include the provision of world leading EAM solutions.

We have in-depth knowledge and understanding about the various issues that plague the asset-intensive industries today. We offer organizations professional implementation of technologically advanced, cost-effective solutions for asset management in Dubai as well as in the rest of UAE. Apart from this, we also offer professional advice on the handling of an enterprise and ensure seamless connectivity for all the participants of the industrial value chain.

Offering the best asset management software in Dubai and UAE, we have clients that span across various industries, including, but not limited to, Infrastructure, Facility Management, Oil & Gas, Utilities, Telecom, Government, Investment, Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, and IT. We offer data integration capabilities as well as advanced analytics solutions that provide efficient predictive insights which in turn help in the elimination of unscheduled operations downtime as we anticipate all quality and maintenance needs of the organization. Our asset management software for Dubai and the rest of UAE, along with our comprehensive solutions, allows our clients to spend more time towards the improvement of labor utilization and increasing productivity rather than having to put in man hours for solving machinery problems. This increase in the efficiency of operations further helps enhance the performance of assets, increases efficiency of the enterprise as a whole, and helps in making smarter business decisions, which together drive excellence in the overall operations.

The future is an aspect that may be considered as predictive. Get in touch with us at eSolutions today to find out more about how our advanced solutions for asset management in Dubai and UAE can help your organization harness an improved operational efficiency.

MDS SI Group, is an experienced and agile Digital Systems Integrator that analyses, assists, and accelerates business growth with a team of 2,600+ professionals, holding over 1,400 technology and 250+ service delivery certifications, and serving a diverse clientele of more than 5,000 customers.

A part of MDS SI Group, eSolutions has a wide-ranging experience that has helped us become one of the top asset management companies in the Middle East. The Group holds 60 affiliates across the Middle East and Turkey with presence in 11 countries and 18 cities, effectively driving digital and business transformation across enterprises and industries.

MDS SI, part of Midis Group, is committed to driving business excellence by utilizing world-class technology solutions, backed by the most powerful ecosystem.

Our Success Story in the Middle East

eSolutions is counted among the top asset management companies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. With the headquarters of our asset management group being based in Cayan Tower,Al Barsha Heights, eSolutions has several offices offering solutions for asset management in UAE, including in Abu Dhabi, Doha, Jeddah, Kuwait, and Riyadh. We at eSolutions can assist your organization with the implementation of Maximo® Strategic Asset and Service Management solutions. Providing solutions to clients of all sizes throughout the Middle East, we promise complete software support after implementation as well.

We have more than 32,000 end users for the software in North Africa and the Middle East alone. eSolutions is a leading organization when it comes to the provision of first-line support and localized, high-quality implementation of solutions for asset management in UAE and North Africa.

Why Choose Us?

eSolutions is one of the top asset management companies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. We offer wide regional coverage and our proven track record of providing the most cost-effective solutions as well as professional implementation of strategic software is what has helped us reach the top. As an asset management company in UAE, we offer:

  • Hands-on industry experience that goes back decades
  • Consistent ongoing training and development for the staff
  • Solutions with the latest best practices and technology
  • Long-term approach that helps us build customer relationships and deliver the best value
  • In the region, we have a team of more than 120 experienced Maximo® consultants who work with more than 250 clients

Our Methodology

Being one of the top asset management companies in UAE, at eSolutions, our services don’t end with the installation of the software package. We understand that every organization need more than just a software system. This is the reason why we offer our comprehensive asset management solutions with services for cost-effective professional implementation and offer complete assistance and support which is provided by our well-experienced asset management consultants.

Whether you need advice on implementing or upgrading a software solution or regarding enterprise handling, we ensure that you receive cutting-edge solutions as well as ongoing support from our asset management consultants, who will assist you in ensuring that your business thrives not just today but in the future as well.

The Process

eSolutions promises end-to-end business solutions that are professionally implemented and are cost effective. This is one of the reasons why we are counted as one of the best asset management companies in UAE. Our process for providing each client with the most cutting-edge solutions includes:

  • Instrumenting the assets and connecting them to the IoT
  • We offer detailed and guided implementation services as well as the installation of the software packages
  • Complete assistance with workshops for data capture and requirements analysis
  • Engineering business processes
  • Complete system configuration, as well as customizing and implementing mobility, 3D, and spatial integration of the solution
  • Acceptance testing
  • BI development, reports, and dashboards
  • Preparing SOPs and offering comprehensive end user training
  • Production setup, staging, tuning, and going live with the software solution
  • Ongoing support for the product along with its implemented configurations
  • Implementation audits and performance tuning, if required
  • Archiving

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