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Transforming Asset Management with Intelligent Transportation Systems

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10 March 2020

Transforming Asset Management with Intelligent Transportation Systems

The world has seen a lot of technological advancements in recent years which have made life easier for everyone. On the transportation front, one such advancement that’s of note is Intelligent Transportation Systems.

Intelligent Transportation System – An Overview

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) is an advanced application that provides innovative services to transport and traffic management. The main aim of such a smart transport system is to ensure safer and well-informed commutes. An intelligent transportation system is designed with several features and benefits like calling function for emergency services, improve traffic management, and so on. This system helps in sensing, analysing, controlling, and communicating technologies to ground transportation which helps improve the efficiency, safety, and mobility of the transportation systems.

Right from easing congestion to minimizing environmental impact, the ITS has benefits that are par excellence. As a result, the intelligent transportation system has found its use in a wide variety of applications. However, one of the key areas where these smart systems have had a major impact is in transportation asset management.

How Does ITS Help in Transport Asset Management?

Asset management first came into prominence in the 1990s where it generated a small revolution that basically spoke or rather questioned how the best of services can be delivered to the public while creating and preserving the necessary assets. Now, with data-driven mobility coming into the picture, the possibility of providing asset management services as well as real-time information is gradually coming into effect. The real-time information spoken here is going to improve and sustain safe and reliable transportation, which will not only increase the efficiency of the assets but also add societal value. Intelligent transportation systems are advancing based on the progression in the behaviour that will change the way transportation assets are being used and developed.

In addition to transforming transportation asset management, ITS also helps reduce infrastructure damage by detecting heavy and overloaded vehicles and then communicating that data to the central server which allows a business to take appropriate measures. With these smart systems coming into effect, asset management has certainly evolved for the better.

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