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Mobile Scada (SCHAD)

SCADA systems transformed the management of automated plants in the 1950s. Now, 60 years later, mobile technology and enterprise mobility are shaping the way we work.

Applying this innovation to process automation, SCHAD has created EXTEND7000 Mobile SCADA and Mobile Maintenance, a powerful set of engineering mobility tools that give plant engineers responsible for operations and maintenance activities both SCADA notifications and full visibility and control of automation systems.

Using EXTEND7000, authorised personnel are able to monitor, control and maintain automated systems remotely from anywhere within a facility or the outside world, using any mobile device.

Traditional SCADA systems show you there might be a problem but EXTEND7000 also reduces downtime. It alerts the right people within seconds, directly reducing the time between an alarm being raised and an available, appropriately qualified engineer starting to fix the problem.

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