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Strategic Management for Facilities

CAFM or computer aided facility management software gives facility managers the capability to move their essential logistical tasks on to the digital space to ensure enhanced operations and management. From being able to manage everyday service requests and calls to keeping a track of whether the facility is adept at meeting the organisation’s business plans, CAFM offers solutions that can revolutionise facility management.

The Functionalities of the CAFM Software

Basically, the computer aided facilities management system brings together business administration, architecture, engineering, and behavioural science to help optimise the functioning of any facility or business. Information is at the core of computer aided facilities management software and the main aspect that differentiates the new-age CAFM from the earlier facility management solutions is that it utilises computer aided design elements and visuals with alphanumeric data processing to offer next-gen features that aid facility managers in their day-to-day tasks.

Maintenance Management

Similar to the CMMS, CAFM offers maintenance management features that allow you to schedule and keep track of routine repairs and preventive maintenance for your assets. With this feature of the CAFM software, you can easily ensure peak efficiency for your assets and keep overall costs low with regards to emergency repair requirements.

Administration of the Facility

One of the most impressive features offered by the CAFM system is the resources it offers, allowing you to handle the actual infrastructure of the facility. For example, depending on the CAFM solutions you choose, the software can be connected to the lights, HVAC equipment, etc. within the building. Some CAFM systems offer remote management features while others allow for automated reading and monitoring energy. This feature can help managers improve safety, regulate energy usage, and more.

Contract and Lease Management

One of the most important benefits of CAFM is that it supports the administration of a multitude of different types of contracts, from warranties to service contracts to leases.  It helps you avoid lease penalties, over-payments, enforce contract rates, and ensure items under warranty are highlighted.  By being more informed in real estate decisions you can reduce occupancy and operating costs.

Lifecycle Management

One of the benefits of CAFM is that it can help managers ensure proper utilisation of the facility’s assets through asset lifecycle management features. The CAFM database can be used as a road map for predictive planning and asset management, thereby helping improve the efficiency of operations. 

Computer Aided Facilities Management System by eSolutions

Offering innovative solutions and outstanding services, eSolutions is a leading management solutions provider. From choosing the right CAFM facility management software to providing your staff with the required CAFM system training, we will assist you throughout the digital transformation process. You can also avail our exemplary after sales services where our team of professionals will help you in all your queries, whether it is about CAFM system training or about understanding the features of the CAFM facility management software. We offer scalable solutions that can grow right along with your organisation, thus ensuring that facility management is methodical and well-managed at all times.

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