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Importance of CAFM Implementation and System Managers

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29 August 2022

Importance of CAFM Implementation and System Managers

Computer Aided Facility Management software (CAFM) is a technology used by facility managers for their asset tracking and management needs. The software can be implemented to streamline facility management and optimise its overall performance. In the past, facility managers were required to maintain huge bulks of paperwork related to all the assets within a particular facility. CAFM helps solve that problem, providing a better alternative for assisting facility managers in maintaining records related to space management as well as asset maintenance.

The Benefits of Using CAFM Software

CAFM allows facility managers to better manage the assets under their charge. It also provides important real-time information that can be used to make informed management decisions related to stocks, space, and finances. Here are some of the key advantages of using CAFM:

  • CAFM can be used to keep a track of all the assets within a facility. It can also be used to maintain data asset registers related to the procurement, maintenance, and management of the assets. CAFM not only maintains information related to the assets within a facility but can also provide valuable insight on how to optimise asset performance.
  • Managers can schedule asset maintenance tasks based on the information acquired by the CAFM. It significantly improves the efficiency of asset maintenance as the information it provides is highly accurate. The task of asset maintenance becomes less time-consuming and more efficient.
  • CAFM provides real-time information related to inventory This allows managers to schedule restocking in time. CAFM assists in inventory management helping make it more reliable and efficient. This way, facility managers can avoid any unnecessary delays related to under- or overstocking.
  • CAFM can also be used to efficiently manage spaces. It provides detailed information about the available space and information on how it can be utilised more efficiently. It also gives information about areas within the facility that are This way you can plan a better layout for space utilisation within the facility.
  • It not only allows facility managers to efficiently manage assets within a facility; CAFM can also be used to support employees. CAFM provides self-assist functionalities that allow employees to streamline several tasks on their own to better manage their work environment.
  • Information related to budgets, invoices, and purchases can be used for efficient financial management. CAFM can help find opportunities for saving money and reducing expenses. Facility managers can also customise their CAFM to provide more precise information related to the finance department. This is just one of the many benefits of CAFM for facility management.
  • Since it is a cloud-based software users can access the database from anywhere and manage their facilities remotely. This means that you can continue to manage your facility even when you are not present on- You can access important information such as payments, inventory, and supplies from any geographical location.

With so much to offer, it is not hard to see why CAFM is crucial for facility management. CAFM system training for your managers is not so much an expense as it is an investment in the future success of your organisation.

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