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What are the Best Ways to Select a CAFM

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16 March 2021

What are the Best Ways to Select a CAFM

Selecting the right management system for your organisational operations is a crucial decision as its implementation has the potential to affect the overall performance of the workplace, including efficiency and productivity. The right Computer-Aided Facility Management (CAFM) system can help streamline processes by optimising its features, allowing you to create an innovative approach that further assists the achievement of organisational goals.

Computer-Aided Facility Management (CAFM) can prove to be extremely beneficial in the efficient handling of business operations. CAFM is designed to meet facility management needs and can be customised based on the size of the organisation. However, the key here is to be able to find the best-suited facility management system.

Whether you are looking for a CAFM system for the first time or if you plan to upgrade your existing software, here are some tips that you can keep in mind to ensure that you find the right system:

1. Understanding Your Current Facility Management Needs

To start with, try to understand the current facility management needs of your organisation. If there is an existing system, see what is keeping it from delivering optimal results. If not, then prepare a list of what you need in terms of features and capabilities for the efficient management of the facility.

2. Identifying Major Areas of Improvement

The first step will help you get the big picture of the facility management needs of your organisation. The next step is to dive into the details and list down the areas that need to be improved for better efficiency. Also, think of what impact a CAFM system will have on your organisation. This exercise will help you identify the features and tools you need in the CAFM system .

3. Considering the Possible Challenges

Once you are done with the analysis, think of all possible challenges you might face while integrating the CAFM software in your organisation. From the team members not having enough bandwidth to participate in the CAFM system training to having to deal with technology that does not support advanced software, there could be multiple challenges that hinder the smooth implementation of the system. Then, take pre-emptive measures to deal with these challenges.

4. Exploring the Market

The above steps will ensure that you are equipped with enough information to be able to find the most suitable CAFM system for your organisation’s facility management. Start by exploring the available options and consider all the factors that are crucial for your organisation, like technology, accessibility, adaptability, etc.

5. Take Demos

Once you are through with shortlisting some options, you can opt for a demo of the software to practically explore the features they have to offer. A well-guided demo is indeed an excellent way to understand any new platform, and to see whether you have any queries regarding the same.

Let the concerned employees use the software for a while to get a hang of its user interface, features, and tools, then come back with a list of challenges faced. This will allow you to customise the software and ensure that it is in-line with the requirements of the end-users.

6. Finalising the Decision

As the final step, analyse the features of the chosen software to see if it fits well with your requirements. If it does, then you can begin with the required CAFM system training for your employees and begin integrating the software into your organisation’s infrastructure.

One needs to put in the due research and diligence into selecting a CAFM system for their organisation to ensure they can have a seamless implementation.

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