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Consolidated Contractors Company

Customer Background

Founded in 1952, Consolidated Contractors Co. (CCC) is one of the largest construction companies in the Middle East and ranks among the top 20 contractors worldwide. The firm generates annual revenues of around USD5.3 billion, employs approximately 130,000 people, and manages projects based in more than 40 countries all over the globe.

Khaled Al-Shami, Head of Enterprise Asset Management Solutions, says :

“In the construction industry, people are interested in results rather than IT systems. Once senior managers and field staff saw Maximo in action and recognized its huge potential to improve our business, they gave us their full support for the investment.”

"We are currently working on further developments to the IBM solution that will enable us to tap into the vast potential of the Internet of Things. Our goal is that all machines will be connected and report problems before they have them.”

“We have already achieved a full return on our investment in the Maximo solution. In fact, we have reduced operational expenditure per asset by USD1100 – helping us achieve total savings across our global business of USD15 million per year.”

“IBM Maximo is so much more than an asset management solution – it tells you everything you need to know about your assets accurately and at the right time.”

Business Need

When the construction market crashed after the 2008 economic crisis, established players suddenly had to cut
costs and boost revenue – or risk losing market share to new competitors from the Far East.

Solution & Benefits

Multi-billion dollar construction firm Consolidated Contractors Co. (CCC) gained clearer visibility of assets and
costs, enabling higher utilization of resources and a switch to predictive maintenance.

Cuts operational expenditure per asset by USD1100, contributing to total savings exceeding USD15 million per year; reduces project delays, helping CCC complete work on time for clients.

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Khaled Al-Shami

EAM Solutions Manager
Consolidated Contractors Group

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