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What is the Role of CAFM in 2021?

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15 January 2021

What is the Role of CAFM in 2021?

Facility management is one of the most complicated processes; it is more than what meets your eyes. Business owners and managers are in charge of not only looking after maintenance and other operations but are also responsible for optimising efficiency, taking care of health and safety procedures, and much more. With more development, the pressure on facility managers will also rise and this is where computer-aided facility management systems will prove to be useful. The role of a computer backed facility management system is even more vital in 2021 as the previous year was quite tough on industries because of the pandemic. The implementation of the CAFM system will help in many ways to ensure more productivity, deliver better ROIs, and so on.

An Overview of Computer-Aided Facility Management

It is a software program that allows facility managers to keep a track of tasks and organise them accordingly. Right from scheduling maintenance operations to asset management, the CAFM system helps managers as well as business owners in systematising their vital tasks in a secured digital space. The software is powered by new generation technology and can solve problems that may be new or may have a conventional concept. The CAFM system offers a plethora of applications, using which even the smallest or biggest issues that your business analysis or plan might pose can be dealt with.

Previously, facility managers would use a variety of analogue tools, layout diagrams, sign-up sheets, and so on in business operations. However, with computer backed management systems coming into the picture, the shift from analogue to digital tools is quite evident. The system helps in managing and organising data and keeping track of reports efficiently. Along with this, computer-aided facility management also helps in categorising physical assets like IT devices, machinery, vehicle fleets, and so on.

Role of CAFM in 2021

Computer-aided facility management comes with a plethora of benefits, contributing to the growth of the business as well as generate better returns. Right from enhancing the efficiency of the employees to productive tracking of the business assets, CAFM is going to be highly beneficial for facility managers. Here are some of the benefits that the system offers –

⦁ Ensures enhanced productivity with the help of automation systems

⦁ Helps in extending lifespans of the machinery and business assets

⦁ Computer-aided facility management is powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that enables predictive maintenance

⦁ Allows for better maintenance workflow, reduces downtime, as well as help in faster repair of the assets, machinery, and so on.

⦁ The CAFM system also offers real-time data and advanced analytics which in turn helps in effective decision making.

⦁ It allows for data storage in a centralised location that ensures better business operations.

⦁ The system allows for improved management of both physical assets as well as human resources.

⦁ Some computer-aided facility management systems can also be accessed using mobile devices and tablets, making it easier for facility managers to keep a track of operations from anywhere.

⦁ The system also offers self-service which helps in streamlining business operations through kiosks and so on.

In addition to this, it also helps in achieving better ROI. CAFM has been implemented in asset management, property management, and much more. The new-age AI-powered systems will prove to be immensely useful in 2021 as well as in the years to come because of their enhanced features and benefits.

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