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What is a Building Management Software and How to Select the Best One?

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16 April 2021

What is a Building Management Software and How to Select the Best One?

Over the years, the world has seen numerous inventions and technologies that have made business operations easier than ever. Today, there are various automation systems that can be easily implemented into various business segments with ease. Keeping up with the same, those in the real estate sectors can implement the magic of automation into their buildings and projects as well. 

Presenting you the Building Management Software; also known as Building Automation Software (BAS) and is a computer-based control system that helps in controlling and monitoring the building’s mechanical and electrical systems effortlessly. The building management system has both the software and hardware, where the software program is usually coded in a hierarchical manner using protocols like C-Bus, Profibus, and so on. You can also find various building management software that allows the use of internet protocols and open standards like BACnet, Modbus, SOAP, and so on. As the technological inventions are progressing, the automation systems, too, are being upgraded for better results, allowing you to ensure accurate and efficient operations. 

Types of Building Management Software

Like said before, there are a lot of building management software that you can select from. Although the best picks are –

⦁ Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS)

⦁ Building Infrastructure Platform (BIP)

⦁ Computer-Aided Facility Management (CAFM) Software

⦁ Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Software

Each of the software systems has different features and benefits but they are developed with the common goal of giving you the ease of running your business operations.

⦁ Tips to Choose the Best Building Management Software

Building management software systems are available in different types like CAFM, CMMS, and so on, and it is quite natural for you to get confused while selecting the best of the lot. To help you, here are a few tips that you must follow while picking a building automation system –

⦁ The Ease of Implementation

To be honest, some of the software systems are coded with programs that are quite difficult to understand as well as may not be so necessary for your operation. Hence, you must choose the system that offers ease of implementation. If you choose a heavily coded complex system, the onboarding and implementation of the building management software will be cumbersome and tiring. 

Adding to this, you also have to ensure that your staff members are trained on the operation of the building management system and that, they are being able to follow the instructions and so on. If your time goes into training the employees over and over again about the system, there will be no productivity fetched. So, whether you choose the CAFM software or the EAM one, ensure that it is compatible with your operational needs.

⦁ Think of the Future Needs

Another tip while selecting building management software is to think about the future. It is not possible to invest in automation software every six months or two years. Though some of the software systems are budget-friendly, it depends upon the type of software (CAFM, CMMS, EAM, and so on) and the provider that you are buying from. Secondly, you have to invest time in training your employees all over again. That is why, before you go ahead with the building management software, sit and write down what are the objectives or goals that you are planning to achieve in your business via this software, are you planning for any building upgrades in the future, and so on. The building management software that you choose should help your operation run smoother and help the business grow for at least 5 years. Ensure to be clear about what you are expecting from the software and only then move ahead with it.

Building management software systems like CAFM, BIP, EAM, and CMMS offer efficiency, easy maintenance, and accurate reports that help your real estate business grow. Automation, anyway, is touted as the future of efficiency and with such software systems coming into the picture; the development is going to be more rapid and smooth. 

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