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Having data versus using data from your platform

13 February 2019

Having data versus using data from your platform

As we all know, data is the lifeblood of the Internet of Things! However, there’s a huge difference between having data and using data. That’s why this post explores the value of smarter data. Previously, we talked about the fundamentals of data management. Analytics is the next step in the journey.

Not too long ago, IoT meant “connect things because you can – and it’s cool, too.” Now, as the IoT market matures, there’s more focus on questions like, why am I hooking this up? Is the data useful to me? What will I do with it?

Many organizations believe they’re building an IoT-focused business because they’ve added sensors to various things. Things like presses, refrigeration units, drills, pumps and robot arms. Data rolls off all these things, and the business gets a graph as a snapshot of performance.

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