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17 April 2018

Accenture Reworking the Revolution

Intelligent machines are revolutionizing every aspect of our lives. Leading businesses are successfully using artificial intelligence (AI) to improve productivity. But to achieve superior rates of growth, and to create a new wave of employment, they must now apply AI in more innovative ways.

An alliance between humans and machines will usher in a new era of work and drive competitive advantage. The full promise of AI depends on humans and machines working together to develop differentiated customer experiences and to create entirely new products, services and markets. That is the real opportunity of AI.

Accenture estimates that this could boost business revenues by 38 percent in the next five years and generate higher levels of profitability and employment. To succeed, leaders must reimagine the nature of work today. Taking bold leaps means redefining the roles of people, shifting your workforce to new business models and scaling up “New Skilling” to harness intelligent technologies. It means doing things you never could before. Starting now. Are you ready to take advantage of this opportunity in 2018? This paper aims to lay out the terrain and equip leaders to ask tough questions about your own organization’s readiness to succeed in the era of AI.

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