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Worldwide IoT Platforms 2017 Vendor Assessment

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23 February 2018

Worldwide IoT Platforms 2017 Vendor Assessment

IoT platforms sit in the middle of this vast ecosystem, providing the middleware between the IoT endpoints and the repositories where the data collected from the endpoints will eventually reside. There are consumer-focused platforms, horizontally focused enterprise platforms, and industry-specific platforms. Because of the many use cases these platforms will serve and the pivotal role they play in enabling the IoT, there are many providers of such products.  In IDC's view, an IoT platform is a commercial software product that offers some combination of the following capabilities (for the full market definition, see the Market Definition section):

  • Connect to IoT endpoints
  • Manage IoT endpoints/identities
  • Ingest and process IoT data
  • Visualize and analyze IoT data
  • Build IoT applications
  • Integrate IoT data into existing applications

Needless to say, the IoT platforms market is complex. The segment studied for this document —
horizontally focused commercial platforms — is also fairly immature and rapidly evolving. With this said,
there is a high amount of interest in these products from IDC customers; so we looked to find a group
of providers whose platforms offered (or would offer) a similar set of capabilities and address a
relatively similar group of use cases. The majority of the vendors in this study target — or have nearterm
plans to target — connected operations and connected products use cases. Some of these
vendors fall more squarely into the industrial/connected operations realm and others fall more squarely
into the connected products realm — yet others see opportunity across both. When we consider a
connected building scenario, for example, it is obvious that there are use cases that cross into both
sides of the world.

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