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Fleet Management: Everything you need to know

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22 November 2020

Fleet Management: Everything you need to know

Among the various types of asset management services available in the world today, fleet management can help logistics experts streamline their vehicle chains. It can also help track driver time, idle time, and much more, ensuring sustainable management for any fleet.

With the right fleet asset management system in place, it is easy to identify current weaknesses and strengths and priority areas of improvement, as well as reducing vehicle and fuel costs, saving money with more efficient travel practices, thereby improving overall operational performance.

Features of a Fleet Asset Management Solution

While the features offered by a fleet management solution will vary, here are some basic aspects that you should look out for:

  1. GPS vehicle tracking

This feature allows you to access the real-time location and movement of any of your vehicles through a professional telematics solution. This can help improve productivity, customer services, and much more.

  1. Driving Behaviour Analysis

Fleet management systems can also allow you to monitor and measure driver behaviour. You can analyse acceleration, speeding, harsh braking, over idling, etc., the feedback of which can be shared directly with drivers as well to help them correct any poor habits.

  1. Fleet Alarms

These alarms can help companies respond to difficult situations faced by their fleets. From setting alarms to monitor speeding to monitoring temperatures when transporting heat-sensitive goods., fleet management systems can help you stay alert to changes that need your attention.

  1. Fuel Management

Efficiency when it comes to fuel consumption is important for fleet managers. With the right fleet management system, you can monitor fuel levels 24X7 and keep a track of how often your vehicles are being refuelled and drained. This, in turn, can help identify any cases of leaks or theft as well.

  1. Route Planning and Monitoring

This is a feature that allows you to track whether or not your fleet is taking an optimised route. You can also monitor the route execution.

Fleet Asset Management for Business Productivity

Here’s how a fleet management solution can bring about a paradigm shift in the productivity of a business:

Optimisation of Vehicle Use and Operations

With fleet management, managers get access to real-time data and analytics that they can use to optimise the operations of their fleet. They can locate vehicles in real-time, which allows businesses to plan effective routing for their vehicles with respect to delivery urgency, traffic status, etc.

Enriching Customer Experience

When customers receive their goods or services on time every time, it is more likely that they will become loyal long-term customers with you. Fleet management can also help you keep track of whether your customers are receiving services on time or not. Plus, with tracking vehicle locations, you can also provide your customers with accurate estimated times of delivery, which is another feature that works in your favour.

Tracks Driver & Vehicle Performance

As vehicles used in a business cover many kilometres every day, it is very important that fleet managers are able to ensure timely maintenance for their vehicles. With asset management services for your fleet, you can accurately record the kilometres covered and receive alerts for when a vehicle requires maintenance. Timely maintenance can further help avoid costly vehicle breakdowns.

Identify Needs for Improvement

Fleet management allows the analysis of recorded data, which lets you extrapolate issues and recommend viable solutions.

Determine What Your Fleet Needs

Before choosing the right fleet asset management solution for your company, you need to evaluate your needs. First, you need to classify your business and the type of fleet you employ, how many vehicles you will be employing, if you plan to expand your fleet in the near future, etc. based on this, you should do the research and choose the right kind of fleet management solution for your business.

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