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Advantages of Mobile Apps for Work Order Management

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30 September 2022

Advantages of Mobile Apps for Work Order Management

Whether it is in regard to meeting business goals or asset lifecycle optimisation, the establishment of streamlined, optimised, and customised processes for workflows is essential for any organisation. A work order, which is an accepted request for maintenance and repair of assets sent to the maintenance teams, is a seemingly small aspect of any organisation’s overall operations, but is in fact, the cornerstone of organised workflow management.

Work order management is often a pain point for several businesses. But if properly managed, it can be the foundation of functional and efficient asset, facility, and enterprise management.


Using a Mobile App for Work Order Management

Work order management is an intricate process that involves cross-departmental collaboration, request scheduling, planning task schedules, and monitoring the progress of the same. It is an accepted fact that implementing work order management software can help automate complicated workflows, simplify predictive maintenance management, reduce downtime, and improve business efficiency. However, when you do look for the right software solution for your organisation, make sure you choose one that also comes with a dedicated mobile app for work order management. On top of the benefits offered by software for work order management, an application for mobile devices brings added convenience that can help you optimise your workflow management even further.


Benefits of Application-Based Work Order Management

Work orders may take technicians to on-premises locations or out in the field to faraway locations, which makes real-time connectivity crucial, especially for asset-intensive organisations with multitudes of assets to manage. This need can be met easily by a mobile app for work order management that has been designed to supplement the capabilities of your asset management software. While the features of different apps may vary, the best applications available today, like the IBM ® Maximo ® Mobile for EAM, you can expect benefits like:

Better Efficiency

A work order management application provides field technicians all the information they need about a work order and that too in real-time, including anytime access to their schedules, routes optimised in real-time, work order details, electronic forms for reporting accuracy, guided assistance for completion of the work order, etc.

Easy Availability of Information

The work order application also offers tracking capabilities to help technicians optimise their workflow. Apart from this, it also ensures real-time inventory visibility. In situations where several work orders are active, inventory stock levels can be expected to change by the minute. Field technicians not having real-time information about inventory can create backlogs, work order fulfilment issues, and more, leading to extended downtimes. Such issues and more can be eliminated by ensuring all relevant stakeholders have real-time access to information they need through a mobile app for work order management.

Controlled Access

Apps like the IBM® Maximo® Mobile for EAM offer varying features, capabilities, and levels of access based on an individual’s job profile and role.


Whether you need to communicate a change in work order scheduling or if a field technician wishes to send an update to the main office, a work order management app ensures easy connectivity and collaboration at any time and from anywhere.


Work order management apps go a long way in helping organisations optimise their work order management in order to save time and costs and maximise productivity.

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