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3 Essential Tips for Choosing the Best Asset Tracking Software in Dubai

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13 September 2021

3 Essential Tips for Choosing the Best Asset Tracking Software in Dubai

Knowing where your assets are at any given time is vital, especially when you have an asset-intensive organisation. Regardless of what the asset is, IT devices, pharmaceutical shipments, machinery, vehicles, etc., keeping a track of all your assets helps ensure smooth business operations. Today, with many types of asset management software available in Dubai, it has become easier for organisations to track and manage the lifecycles of their assets. However, choosing the right asset tracking software is of prime importance if you want the best results. It may seem tempting to choose software that has a low price to save on upfront costs, but in the long run, it may not be the best idea for your business. Choosing the software that perfectly suits your requirements is all about what you need and the features the software offers. Here are some tips that can help you choose the best asset tracking and management software in Dubai –

Check the Tracking Capabilities Offered by the Software

As its name suggests, tracking is the main feature offered by asset tracking and management software, which is made possible with built-in, real-time GPS tracking capabilities. Other features that you can look out for include:

⦁ Sound level monitoring

⦁ Motion and vibration check

⦁ Weather road condition updates

⦁ Voltage monitoring

⦁ Tracking air quality

⦁ Updates about real-time traffic and road conditions

There are many options in asset management solutions in the UAE that offer enhanced capabilities to allow maintenance managers have a complete, real-time picture of their assets, which in turn facilitates smooth business operations.

Look for Scalabilityand Customisation

While basic asset management software may work well for the fundamental tracking operations, organisations with dynamic portfolios generally require more in terms of capabilities. Choosing an asset management software that allows for customisations in their features and allows for scaling as your business grows. is Some of the best asset management software in Dubai, offer features like –

Define Fleet-Wide Behaviour: This feature allows you to customise data publishing rates. You can also set up alerts for various parameters, without having to write complex codes for the same.

Send Remote Firmware Updates: Firmware updates are regularly launched to improve asset tracking and management software, so it can keep up with the dynamic requirements of the industries. These updates may include new features, enhance UI, bug fixes, etc.

Open-Reference: Field-ready tracking software that includes all basic features may seem like a good option, but it should also allow for customisation to help maintenance managers match their organisation’s unique asset management needs.

You can also find a number of IoT-enabled asset management solutions in the UAE that can enhance your maintenance procedures even further.

Ensure the Software has Features You Need

Asset management consultants and managers get complete asset visibility and enhanced operations and business intelligence with the right asset tracking software. Some of the most important features that you should look out for are:

Geolocation Mapping Services: Monitor the asset location in real-time. 

Variable Monitoring: Track every variable related to your assets or fleets.

Cellular Connectivity and SIM Card Compatibility: Allows easy access and flexibility.

While features like remote diagnostics, fleet health dashboards, and comprehensive support are common across most asset  management software in Dubai, there are many more nuanced and complex capabilities you can look out for. That is why you need to put in due research and thought when it comes to choosing the right asset management and tracking for your company.

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