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7 Connected Car Trends Fueling the Future

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20 September 2018

7 Connected Car Trends Fueling the Future

The race is on. Innovative automakers, software developers and technology companies are leading a radical transformation in the automotive industry. They are refining and redefining existing technologies and introducing new, exciting concepts like artificial intelligence and the connected car to give us a driving experience that will be like nothing we’ve ever known.

An entirely autonomous car transports a person to their destination without any need for driver oversight — attention to the road is not required. Inside the vehicle is all the entertainment, information, and connection with the outside world that someone would have in their home, office, or even favorite coffee shop. Every aspect of personal comfort is taken into consideration, from the temperature of the interior to the tinting of the windows to prevent glare or even the personalized adjustment of ambient lighting to create the perfect mood to go with the music playing through the satellite radio station.

Even if the car is not driverless, the driver is still connected with the world around them through a digital cockpit platform while sensors positioned around the car provide a cocoon of safety in the thickest of traffic.

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