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Abu Dhabi Electricity & Water Authority

Customer Background

A single Maximo implementation covering seven companies; one transmission company, two distribution companies, two power generation, and the Abu Dhabi Sewerage Services company.

Maximo is running the full procurement cycle at each company, and where procurement crosses a certain threshold, it is centralized at the level of the authority.  All procurement activities from supplier registration, supplier qualification, e-bidding, through evaluation, award, authorization for expenditure and invoicing are handled in Maximo.

As a market leading Enterprise Asset Management solution with rich industry specific functionality, Maximo handles a variety of different asset classes and maintenance and operation processes in each participating company, covering everything from gas turbine generators, transformers, pumping stations, water treatment plants to utility water and electricity distribution systems.   

Business Need

ADWEA’s Maximo includes both the Utilities and HSE version and on this we have implemented a number of innovative business support processes including acquisition planning, authorization for expenditure, contractor certification, compatible unit estimating (CUE).

Solution & Benefits

The system is integrated with Oracle e-Business suite which receiving Activity Based Costing (ABC) journals for Maximo, Invoices for payment, and provides the financial master data to Maximo.  In addition, Maximo is integrated with EZRI GIS for Spatial referencing of assets, and with Amplex street lighting for automation of requests and processing critical alarms.

Originally implemented in 1999 the system was designed in a way that it could be segregated in case any of the participating companies were privatized.  This has happened with the sewerage services and one of the power generation companies, which now run their systems independently.

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