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What are the important features of CMMS?

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08 June 2020

What are the important features of CMMS?

Every organisation in today’s world strives to achieve success in the best way possible, maximum results through strategic efforts. Be it any sector, it is very important for an organisation to be able to streamline its operations in a manner that enhances efficiency and reduces the overall costs. In this regard, the Computerised Maintenance Management System is a software solution that can be utilised to the advantage of the organisation.

First thought to be an unnecessary expense, CMMS has now has turned out to be one of the greatest assets for an organisation. Managers of various organisations have realised how important this software is, as it has a lot to offer. Some of the major benefits of the CMMS include:

⦁ Extended longevity for all the assets as preventive maintenance is easy to do with this software.
⦁ It effectively reduces the labour costs in an organisation.
⦁ With the help of this software, you can reduce the downtime for all assets.
⦁ One can improve the management of inventory with the help of the CMMS.
⦁ The work orders have a faster turn-around time with the integration of this software in the system.


The CMMS has been in existence for about 20 years or so, but it was primarily used in the manufacturing sector. But now after people have realised the importance of CMMS, it is today used in hotels, offices, retail shops, resorts, hospitals, and many other places as well. Here are a few important features of this software:

  1. Maintenance Portal

Overlooking an urgent issue will always be a problem if an organisation fails to integrate an efficient system for the same. The Computerised Maintenance Management System offers a great solution for this problem - it has a simple maintenance request portal that reduces stress and the gap in communication. The protocol is a simpler version which helps in reducing the number of missed requests and expedites on the time lost in fixing the issue.

  1. Asset Management

Managing all your assets in the right way is one of the most important things for an organisation. Efficiency is directly proportional to the amount of work an asset is put to. So, failure or downtime of any asset means loss of business and irregularity in cash flow. With the help of some key features, such as management of floor plans, work orders, repair history, and more, CMMS helps in improving the asset management processes of the organisation.

  1. Managing Your Inventory

Another important thing for an organisation is to be able to properly manage the inventory and CMMS offers a number of capabilities to help you in the same. It is the inventory of an organisation that plays a vital role and the software can track, auto-order, and generate inventory history which can help you manage things in a better way.

Once it is properly integrated and implemented, CMMS can help in not just aligning the workflow of the organisation but also ensure that the downtime of equipment is reduced.

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