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What are the benefits of using Asset Management Software in UAE

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17 May 2021

What are the benefits of using Asset Management Software in UAE

Asset maintenance management is one of the most popular and effective ways implemented by organizations to cater to their asset management requirements. Otherwise a manual process, the task becomes challenging and overwhelming with multiple assets to look after. Hence, organizations switch to automated solutions that are considered more efficient to deal with such a situation.

Asset maintenance management is a process of managing all the assets of an organization using specialized software; both tangible and intangible. This software is built to a best practice standard and provides scalable solutions to either supplement the existing asset management system of an organization or act as a comprehensive integrated solution for managing assets throughout their lifecycle. Further, it makes it easier to collect and store data in one centralized dashboard that can be accessed by all the approved users in real-time, regardless of their geographical location.

But this is not it. An effective asset management system also eliminates the time consuming and error-prone methods like manually maintaining spreadsheets, however, subject to the right choice of asset management software. There are a variety of intuitive features and tools available with most of the present-day software applications like cloud-based access, high-end tracking, etc.

If you are looking for asset management software for your Dubai organization, there are plenty of service providers to cater to your needs. But before you begin your research, let us understand how it will be beneficial for you.

Key Benefits of Asset Maintenance Management System

1. Real-Time Tracking

Connect your people to the right information at the right time to help them get their job done timely and effectively. The real-time tracking functionality of asset management software makes it easier to locate the assets and track the progress of the aligned tasks to identify the gaps, if any, and take immediate measures. Thus making it an essential aspect of the asset management process.

2. Cloud-Based Access

Empower your workforce and run your organizational operations safely and efficiently with the cloud-based access of the asset inventory without having to worry about your time or location. Having a cloud-based access system in place not only makes the process easier by eliminating manual spreadsheets but also helps the approved users to quickly carry out inspections and resolve defects.

3. Data Accuracy

Leverage multiple discovery methods to record the performance of each asset and stay up to date with the progress by scheduling automatic scans with the right choice and implementation of an asset management software. Various levels of processes and user access along with a complete audit trail provide confidence in the accuracy and completeness of data.

4. Identify Ghost Assets

Ghost assets are common with organizations that have a manual process of managing a huge asset inventory. This can cost you a fortune without providing any fruitful results. However, with asset management software in place, one can easily identify fixed assets and eliminate the ghost assets that are either lost, stolen or not functional anymore.

5. Forecast Budget and Spending

Asset management software maintains a detailed report of all the organizational assets right from their acquisition to end-of-life. Further, it also helps to identify gaps in performance and provide solutions, including maintenance and repairs. This provides a base for the approved users to forecast the new asset requirements (if any) and obtain a budget accordingly.

6. Automate Asset Transfers

Using efficient and dedicated asset management software is extremely helpful when it comes to transferring assets or modifying the inventory. Its intuitive features allow flexible approvals and help enforce compliance with increased efficiency and reduced errors.

If managing the asset inventory manually is a challenge for your organization, then having a dedicated asset management system could be a fruitful solution.

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