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Software Maintenance and Support Services: Types, Importance and Everything

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22 February 2023

Software Maintenance and Support Services: Types, Importance and Everything

A common misconception is that the software development life cycle starts with coding and concludes with delivery. It turns out that this is an incomplete reality. In reality, after-sales software maintenance and support services are equally important. Software, too, exists in a changing environment, just like humans. Do you really believe you can dominate your game with out-of-date software when new breakthroughs and technological advancements are made daily? It's like picking a bicycle to win a race while everyone else is on a motorbike!

Monitoring, maintaining, and having intelligent after-sales support for your software are the only things that will help you adapt to the new changes and also give you the maximum return on your development investment. It enables your solution to be adaptable and thrive in a dynamic commercial and technological atmosphere.

Types of Software Maintenance and Support Services

Adaptive Maintenance

Adaptive software maintenance is the process of altering a system to ensure it is compliant with evolving technology and modifying business requirements. Software frameworks are the major focus of this kind of maintenance. To keep the software consistent, it is created in response to new operating systems, platforms, and hardware.

The basic objective of adaptive software maintenance is to update and change the software when:

  • The operating system that runs your various applications is upgrading (due to technology, laws, policies, rules, operating system, etc.)
  • Customers demand a product that is compatible with modern hardware or software.

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive software maintenance service aids in shielding the system from impending vulnerabilities. The term "preventive maintenance" refers to software enhancements made in order to protect the software in the future. It is done to guard against any potential software alterations to the product. It is also simpler to grow or maintain your code and manage your legacy system when you do preventive maintenance. It helps in:

  • Updating documents in accordance with the system's current condition.
  • Code optimisation to improve software performance.

Perfective Maintenance

Perfective maintenance is the process of recasting elements, functions, and abilities to improve the performance of system operations. By using this form of maintenance, one is able to make changes to the currently installed programme by either improving, removing, or adding new features or functionalities.

Corrective Maintenance

Corrective maintenance is the process of identifying and fixing flaws in the current solutions. This application maintenance procedure seeks to get rid of both bugs and software problems. It comprises adjustments and updates to solve issues that users may have found or that have been identified by user error reports.

Why is there a need for Software Maintenance and Support Services?

Better Performance

To enhance system performance, developers identify and address bugs through testing. Software maintenance includes reengineering, data and coding restrictions, and more. It safeguards the software from vulnerabilities. This is not a feature that is employed in operations; rather, it is being developed to prevent dangerous activities like hacking.

Elimination of Obsolete Functions

The outdated functions serve no use. Additionally, they reduce the software's effectiveness by taking up extra space in it. Such UI and code components are eliminated and replaced with fresh development made using the latest and modern tools and technologies following a software maintenance guide. Because of this removal, the system is more adaptable to dealing with changing conditions.

Bug Fixing

Bug fixing is prioritised in maintenance management to ensure the smooth operation of the product. This procedure includes looking for and fixing any code issues. Problems can arise in hardware, operating systems, or any component of the software. This must be accomplished without compromising the performance of the software's other functions in any way.

How to choose the right Software Maintenance and Support Services?

Who knows the program well: Expert programmers are aware of the qualities of good code and how to improve it. They are always learning new techniques for producing clean, efficient code that can help your custom software.

Who can solve complex problems: It's challenging to find unique solutions to persistent issues in coding. The maintenance staff must be able to deal with the concept design as well as the code. Only experience, intellectual and technical talents can lead to the development of this competence.

Who all is Well Experienced: Select a team that is highly qualified, skilled, and experienced to manage your projects.

The two elements that keep any software efficient are software maintenance and smart software support. Therefore, it is crucial to have a knowledgeable partner who offers you validated and trustworthy maintenance management.  At eSolutions, we practise agility therefore; our services enable our esteemed clients to employ services and solutions with the greatest accuracy. We excel in offering solutions like IBM Maximo Facilities Management, IBM Maximo Smart Control Desk, IBM Innovative Solutions and much more that are flexible and customisable.

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