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Improving the Aircraft Maintenance Management Process with IBM Maximo for Aviation

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03 August 2022

Improving the Aircraft Maintenance Management Process with IBM Maximo for Aviation

All types of assets, whether they are machinery or equipment, undergo wear and tear with time and require regular maintenance to ensure they stay in good running condition. The same is true for aircrafts, which, given the huge amounts of capital they represent, require extreme efficiency when it comes to the scheduling and management of their maintenance. Proper maintenance management of aircrafts not only helps minimise downtime, when the aircraft is grounded but is also essential for maintaining regulatory compliance. The magnitude of organisation required for the maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) of a fleet of aircrafts necessitates the integration of an advanced Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software that offers ample functionalities required to meet business needs, like complex asset configurations, asset maintenance scheduling, repair order placement, maintenance forecast, regulatory compliance, and much more. This is where IBM Maximo for aviation comes in.

About IBM Maximo for Aviation

IBM Maximo for aviation is an EAM system that comes with all the capabilities you need to improve asset lifecycles of aircrafts and their components and to ensure comprehensive, efficient aircraft maintenance management. The asset management functionalities offered by the software can also help reduce downtime and ownership costs, and in the long run, helps improve flight availability.

Top Features Offered by IBM Maximo for the Aviation Sector

The IBM Maximo for aviation comes with expansive capabilities, which also include:

• Regulatory compliance management

• Maintenance management

• Scheduling preventive maintenance

• Aircraft and equipment configuration management

• Operator maintenance plan creation and management

• Implementing and managing engineering changes

• Easy maintenance of aircraft records, like journeys, work logs, discrepancies, etc.

• Flight schedule management

• Remote access

• Asset tracking and monitoring

• Inventory management

• Vendor management

Benefits of Using IBM Maximo for Aviation

The capabilities offered by the IBM Maximo for aviation cover a varied scope of business needs, offering a multitude of benefits including better reliability and availability of assets, real-time tracking of lifecycles, asset performance histories, improved planning and execution of maintenance operations, better collaboration and work planning, compliance, easy analysis of asset data, comprehensive reporting, etc., which help drive better decision making. Other benefits of using the software for improving aircraft maintenance management include:

Centralised Record Maintenance

Whether it is preventive maintenance or regular servicing after a certain number of flights, the aviation industry needs to be proactive at all times in order to solve maintenance problems, ensure passenger safety, and ensure regulatory compliance. The IBM Maximo for aviation maintains accurate records of aircraft and equipment condition, maintenance schedules, repair requirements, asset documentation, etc. on a single platform that can also be accessed remotely.

Seamless Collaboration

Lack of communication or collaboration between different teams can result in extra downtime and raised maintenance costs. In order to prevent communication breakdowns, IBM Maximo offers a common platform with organisation-wide visibility and access to allow for effective communication, ensuring that everyone is privy to the most up-to-date information for proper aircraft maintenance management, work order assignment, and operational cost tracking. Fleet managers can also create custom roles and permission levels on the system to control who can view, edit, and upload information to improve the overall performance of the aircrafts. All relevant data can also be exported to generate custom reports or presentations.

Maintaining Compliance

Safety and compliance are the primary concerns in the aviation industry. IBM Maximo for aviation also helps in performing pre- and post-flight inspections to ensure maximum safety. Any fault or discrepancy is immediately logged, generating real-time notifications asking for timely action to resolve the issues. The software can help save a lot of time.

Aircraft maintenance management can become a major challenge for airlines and MRO service providers but an effective enterprise asset management program for the aircrafts can go a long way in streamlining the process, helping improve aircraft maintenance management significantly.

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