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5 Ways CAFM can Deliver ROI

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15 October 2020

5 Ways CAFM can Deliver ROI

One of the fastest-growing areas of information technology, Computer-Aided Facility Management is a software that helps business owners move vital logistical tasks of their business into a secured digital space. Generally known as CAFM, it offers the right solution, which is backed by next-gen technology, for a problem that may or may not have an old concept. Computer-Aided Facility Management software can have several applications, from your day-to-day management of meeting rooms to the bigger issues posed by business analysis and plans.

Progression through Advancement

Gone are the days when a range of analogue tools, blueprints, layout diagrams, and spreadsheets or sign-up sheets were used in business operations. They would create a mound of papers that was difficult to manage, leading to lesser efficiency for the workforce. Thanks to the CAFM software, managing any sort of data and reports has become easier. The computer-aided facility management system helps business owners create and manage assets like financial and physical resources and human resources, and assists in producing and delivering better solutions and results. The assets in turn assist in identifying processes that are relevant to the business operation and also help classify training modules or knowledge processes, which may require assessments. Implementing CAFM also helps in identifying physical assets like IT devices, machinery, and so on, which may require anticipatory maintenance.

In addition to this, Computer-Aided Facility Management also helps with the enhancement of productivity of your workforce, efficient tracking of assets, and in the easy management of systems. With the help of the facility management software, business owners can also plan for the extra space of the office building, reserve meeting rooms, and even check for asset locations in just a few clicks. But above all, implementing the CAFM software helps with getting higher returns on investments. It not only helps in increasing the productivity but is also cost-effective for the whole organisation. Here are five ways in which Computer-Aided Facility Management helps in delivering better ROI –

1. Centralised Data Location

Having data in a centralised location allows for better business operations. Both planned and reactive maintenance requirements can be easily managed and planned preventative maintenance can be smoothly integrated into repair jobs. This helps in eliminating multiple visits from the supervisor and cuts down on extra costs. Having a centralised location for the database also helps in managing work productivity as it helps prevent duplicate logging and callouts, allows for the prioritisation of work according to deadlines and resources, and allows for better decision-making by the managers and business owners.

2.Workforce Performance

CAFM software makes it easier for managers to monitor internal and external workforce services. With defined KPIs in the system, managers can check for delivery levels in real-time, enhance workforce performance, increase cost-efficiency, and optimise service quality. Managers can monitor the performance based on defined duties and manage penalties or bonuses, which will further enable them to make future contract negotiations. With the help of computer-aided facility management, managers can also save time and quote accurate rates.

3. Improved Management of Resources

CAFM software is one of the most refined tools for the management of human resources and physical assets. If the management of human resources is spoken of, the system helps in automatically allocating work to the most suitable person based on their skill set, location, and availability. As a result, not only do the KPI rates of the employee improve, but it also reduces costs since business operations can be managed without hiring temporary workforces.

4. Enables Mobile Communication

A few Computer-Aided Facility Management Systems can be accessed from mobile devices, giving managers and business owners the flexibility to use the software from any location. The mobile communication facility also helps field employees to access, update, and close allocated jobs in real-time. Further, this feature of the CAFM software also enables in reducing administration, increasing cost-efficiency, and improving job rectification times, whenever required. The software also has offline features that help in ensuring uninterrupted access in areas with lower network connectivity and allows for the transferring of information to a centralised location in a more secure manner.

5. Comes with a Self-Service Feature

The CAFM software comes with a self-service functionality that helps in streamlining the maintenance requests, reserve meeting rooms through kiosks, and much more. The self-service feature helps in reducing the workload of the helpdesk and allows in redeploying human resources wherever necessary. This in turn lowers the need for hiring an additional workforce thereby saving extra costs.

With the CAFM software, business owners can be sure of gaining higher ROIs while improving the efficiency of their workforce in a hassle-free manner.

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